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Jobbed again by Valley officials

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Sat Feb 22, 2020 9:13 pm

For the second time in as many games against Drake, the Redbirds were absolutely screwed by the officials. It’s laughable. At home , Maggett is literally tackled in a tie game under a minute to go. No call. The refs see the tackle tho, and have to go to the monitor to see if it’s flagrant. But they can’t go back and call the common foul they missed on that play. Very next play, Maggett is called for a push off (flop), that would have never even been an issue if the first foul is called.
Today, same two players involved. Drakes player reaches in 60 feet from the rim, across Maggett’s body, late in a close game , and Maggett makes contact since the defenders head and shoulders are lunging at her during the reach. They call a charge. Absolutely BS. Even worse, we are up 2 and Wallen gets called for the most invisible foul in the history of basketball as Sara Rhine literally goes through Wallen’s back and shoves her to the floor. Don’t get me wrong. Drake is a good team. But the Valley has major egg on their face for these 2 games. Maybe that’s what the Valley wants tho. 2 teams in the NCAA tourney so take care of Drake. What an embarrassment. JV caliber officials getting paid thousands of dollars to be inept. Can someone please tell me if the refs are graded or ever punished for incompetence during Valley games? Joking but not joking at all.

On a positive note, the program is heading in a great direction. Should be close to another 18 win season. Keep up the good fight ladies.
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Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:09 am

We definitely closed the gap with Drake this year; I hope we meet them again this year at Taxslayer arena.
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